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Fujinomiya trail is opening all the way to the summit of Mt. Fuji.

Fujinomiya trail, one of four trails to the summit of Mt. Fuji, will be opening all the way to the summit on 10th of July 2019. 【Important information】 Due to the landslide, Yoshida trail and Subashiri trail above the 8.5 station are closed at the moment. If you are aiming

3 outdoor activities in Mt. Fuji you must try !!

Hi there !! This is Kazu. We recommend 3 outdoor activities in Mt. Fuji you must try ! Before introducing them, you should know Activity Japan that is an website that you can book any outdoor activities in Japan. Highly recommend it to all tourists!   ①Get the great view of Mt. Fuji

Christmas lights in Gotemba, Mt. Fuji

  Hi there! This is Kazu, an owner of a hostel in Mt. Fuji. Do you like christmas lights? It is supposed to be a typical dating spot in winter. But some place provides the christmas lights even in summer. We will introduce such a place to you today. The place

Cheap bus ticket to explore in Mt. Fuji

Hi there! This is Kazu. I will introduce a cheap bus ticket to you that would help your travel Mt. Fuji for sure. The bus connection around Mt. Fuji is quite good. You can visit most of popular spot by bus although the spots are spreaded up. However the bus fare would

How to enjoy at Mt. Fuji in rainy days

Hi there! It’s been raining since middle of September, but don’t worry about that!! We will show you an enjoyable place even raining ’cause there is not only Mt. Fuji around here, also a lot of good places !! This is one of the such a place called Takasago Syuzou   which


“Sakura” with Japanese lantern at Yonenomiya Sengen shrine. This is called “Yozakura”. Don’t miss it!!