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The 3 reasons why Fujinomiya 5th station is such a beautiful place in Autumn!!

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This is Kazu!

The climbing season was finished at 10th of September 2017.

But the best season of 5th station is coming up soon so I will tell you


The 3 reasons why Fujinomiya 5th station is such a beautiful place in Autumn!!

【No. 1】

Drive beyond the clouds with Mt. Fuji Skyline!


We can not get to 5th station by car during climbing season because all the regular vehicle is banned to get in. But all the vehicle is accepted to drive up to Fujinomiya 5th station after the climbing season that is the biggest advantage out of the climbing season. There is free car parks as well. How drivers friendly! It’s easy to get there from some of toll roads. Gotemba I.C on Tomei Express Way is the most convinient I.C if you are coming from Tokyo. Either Fuji I.C on Tomei Express Way or Shin Fuji I.C on Shintomei Express way is the most convenient I.C if you are coming from Osaka and Nagoya. You will enjoy the sea of clouds or the view of Suruga bay on any clear days!



【No. 2】

This is the incredible nature. Only 30 minutes walk to Mt. Houei crater.


Did you know that the shape of Mt. Fuji is different looking from the north and the south?

You can see a small bulge at the middle of the mountain from the south. The bulge is Mt. Houei that was made by the last eruption in 1707. There is a huge crater underneath Mt. Houei. You can get to the crater by walk only 30 minutes from Fujinomiya 5th station and the view is awesome. After the small hiking, you should walk through the forest beside the crater. Take good hiking shoes because the trail is sliplly a little bit.



【No. 3】

Autumn color at Fujinomiya station that lasts for a long time because of the difference of the altitude!!


Fujinomiya 5th station is known as one of the best place of Autumn color!! It starts from the beginning of October that is much earlier than other popular places, this is why the high altitude of Fujinomiya 5th station. You can enjoy the gradation of the Autumn color on Mt. Fuji Skyline because the altitude is 1000 m difference from the top and bottom. After the best season of the Autumn color in 5th station, the best spot is coming down to the bottom so you can find the best Autumn color on Mt. Fuji skyline for a long time.



Fujinomiya 5th station is close to Fuji safari park, Gotemba premium outlet and Snow town Yeti. You should visit Fujinomiya 5th station if you are looking to visit those places !!

Thank you for reading  The 3 reasons why Fujinomiya 5th station is such a beautiful place in Autumn!!


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