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Cheap bus ticket to explore in Mt. Fuji

Hi there!

This is Kazu.

I will introduce a cheap bus ticket to you that would help your travel Mt. Fuji for sure.

The bus connection around Mt. Fuji is quite good. You can visit most of popular spot by bus although the spots are spreaded up.

However the bus fare would be really expensive if you visit all the places. For example, the bus fare from Shin-Fuji station, south of Mt. Fuji, to Fujisan station, north of Mt. Fuji, is

¥2510 for oneway.

No one wants to spend more than ¥5000 just for a round bus I guess.

Don’t worry !!

You can buy a really valuable and useful bus ticket !

The name is




Mt. Fuji West side Story

The bus company made the bus ticket last year that brings unlimited bus ride for 2 days to all tourists. It costs only ¥2500 which is cheaper than one way bus from south to north !

This ticket especially helps JR pass holder who is looking to explore around Mt. Fuji.

You should make a quick stop and have a good time before heading to Tokyo or Kyoto !

Check the detail here!!