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Kazu’s working holiday

Hi there!

This is Kazu.

Before opening NASUBI Mt. Fuji Backpackers, I stayed in Australia and New Zealand by working holiday visa. I will write about my experience in the both countries and hope the informations helps someone thinking of doing working holiday!



Kazu’s working holiday

General information


Australia, New Zealand

Length of stay

Australia 1 year(May, 2013- May, 2014)

New Zealand  9 months (May, 2014- February, 2015)

Age when departed


Cities lived in(Old to recent)


Cairns, QLD
Broome, WA

New Zealand

Queenstown, Otago
Christchurch, Canterbury
Methven, Canterbury
Blenheim, Marlborough
Rakaia, Canterbury

Travel experience to foreighn countries


English level


Why decided to go working holiday?


To change my silly life style.

Before going working holiday, I played Pachinko, Japanese casino, for living for 2 years. There were several reasons why I started that kind of life style, but the biggest reason was that I got fired due to bad economy and totally lost my confidence on everything.
The “job” fortunately went well, and I found the living comfortable because there is no pressure and responsibility from work. But life is not so easy. The profit went less and less, and I finally started losing money.

Need a change… I thought.

I struggled how  I got used to the lazy life too much.

I should start what I want.

Then decided to go workingholiday to change my life.

Why Australia?


The reason why I chose Australia was the weather. Canada was also on the table, because I love snowboarding. It’s all the snowboarders dream to go to the great slopes in Canada. I tried to imagine the living in both Australia and Canada, then got an answer. Warmer country should be easier to survive.


To be continued