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How to enjoy at Mt. Fuji in rainy days

Hi there!

It’s been raining since middle of September, but don’t worry about that!!

We will show you an enjoyable place even raining ’cause there is not only Mt. Fuji around here, also a lot of good places !!

This is one of the such a place called


Takasago Syuzou



which is a “Sake” brewery established since 1831!!

You might have guessed it like “It’s must be expensive because it has a long history!! ”

It’s not true!! They are absolutely friendly and welcome you anytime.

They always provide the brewery tour, you can taste the “Sake” made by the brewery after the tour

for free!!

There is no reason you skip the place!! They sure provide the tour in sunny day, too.

Check it out if you are planning to visit at Mt. Fuji !!

Takasago Syuzou (Takasago Sake brewery)




Experience the most beautiful mountain in all of Japan.

Located in Fuji City, at the base of one of the most iconic mountains in the world, NASUBI Mt. Fuji is the perfect venue for your mountain experience. You will enjoy our iconic traditional Japanese home with a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable terrace, cozy living spaces and a great view of Mt. Fuji on clear days.

“Best stop between Tokyo and Kyoto.”

Our convenient location is only a 9-minute walk from Fuji Station (local train and bus station) and 15 minutes from the Shin-Fuji Station (Shinkansen). We provide a free shuttle pick up and drop off for all guests.

We are within a short walk to grocery markets, convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and the Town Center. You’ll also enjoy easy access to sightseeing around the area.

Play well. Rest well. At NASUBI Mt. Fuji Backpackers, we are here to help you enjoy your Fuji experience.