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How to play with Mt. Fuji

Christmas lights in Gotemba, Mt. Fuji

  Hi there! This is Kazu, an owner of a hostel in Mt. Fuji. Do you like christmas lights? It is supposed to be a typical dating spot in winter. But some place provides the christmas lights even in summer. We will introduce such a place to you today. The place

Cheap bus ticket to explore in Mt. Fuji

Hi there! This is Kazu. I will introduce a cheap bus ticket to you that would help your travel Mt. Fuji for sure. The bus connection around Mt. Fuji is quite good. You can visit most of popular spot by bus although the spots are spreaded up. However the bus fare would

Enjoy skiing on Mt. FUji !!

A ski slope, Snow town Yeti, is just opened on Mt. Fuji today !! There are beginner friendly slopes, place for snow activities and the great view of Mt. Fuji !! You can rent everything you need at the slope so don’t need to prepare anything !! Enjoy the winter

How to enjoy at Mt. Fuji in rainy days

Hi there! It’s been raining since middle of September, but don’t worry about that!! We will show you an enjoyable place even raining ’cause there is not only Mt. Fuji around here, also a lot of good places !! This is one of the such a place called Takasago Syuzou   which

Working holiday

こんにちは! オーナーのカズです!   2013年から約2年弱、 オーストラリアとニュージーランドに ワーホリビザで滞在していました!   現在ワーホリを検討している方、 興味はあるけど不安な方、 そもそもワーホリって何?って方、   お気軽にご相談ください!!   僕自身がそうだったんですが、 行く前って色んな疑問や 不安なことがありますよね。   そんな疑問や不安を 少しでも解決できればいいなと思います! 宿の問い合わせフォーム またはFacebookから お気軽にお問い合わせください!!   ワーホリについては賛否両論ありますが、 僕は全面的に応援します!!   ご連絡お待ちしています!!

The climbing season in 2016 has just been finished.

The climbing season in 2016 has just been finished. More than 250 customers from our hostel has climbed up Mt. Fuji and come back safely. Please note that someone who climbs up Mt. Fuji out of the climbing season must take a responsibility about their climbing by themselves even in