NASUBI Mt.Fuji Backpackers

Outdoor activitiy

Paragliding Paragliding is one of the best way to get a great view of Mt. Fuji ! It’s the most popular activity in Mt. Fuji ! Check out the details of paragliding !!   Water Rafting The rafting is held at Fuji-Kawa river which is well known as the most

Fuji, Fujinomiya

Fuji is the gateway to explore the south west of Mt. Fuji. You will be warmly welcomed by the small local town and beautiful nature.   Shiraito waterfalls Shiraito waterfalls are one of the most beautiful spot in Mt. Fuji. The waterfalls are registered as the part of world helitage of

Climbing Fuji

Climbing Mt. Fuji on Fujinomiya trail in 2023 Mt. Fuji is the most symbolic mountain of all Japan, enticing travelers from all over the world to climb her. Luckily, she is also known as an easier mountain to climb to the top. If you are currently planning on climbing to