NASUBI Mt.Fuji Backpackers

Outdoor activitiy

  • Paragliding


Paragliding is one of the best way to get a great view of Mt. Fuji !

It’s the most popular activity in Mt. Fuji !

Check out the details of paragliding !!


Water Rafting


The rafting is held at Fuji-Kawa river which is well known as the most exciting river in Japan !
It’s a great way away from a stressful life !
I personally love it soooo much !!

Bungy Jump


Established since 2016 !
It’s a new activity on Mt. Fuji !
Be an explorer !!
(It’s held at a kind of remote place. You might need to have a car or take a taxi.)

Hiking around Mt. Fuji


There is a 10 km hiking trail between a beautiful lake and amazing waterfalls. It is a kind of hard trail because 2 peaks are included in the trail, but it’s definitely worth to try it. You will only hear the sound of wind and bird whistling !