NASUBI Mt.Fuji Backpackers

Fuji, Fujinomiya

Fuji is the gateway to explore the south west of Mt. Fuji.

You will be warmly welcomed by the small local town and beautiful nature.


Shiraito waterfalls


Shiraito waterfalls are one of the most beautiful spot in Mt. Fuji.

The waterfalls are registered as the part of world helitage of Mt. Fuji.


Lake Tanuki


Tanuki lake is well known as the best spot to see SAKASA-Fuji, which is also good for walk or cycling around the lake.

There is Onsen by the lake that provides a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji.

Fujisan Hongu Sengen Shrine


The shrine is the headquarter of 1300 of Sengen shrine in all of Japan.

It is also registered as the part of world helitage of Mt. Fuji.



Fuji Takasago Sake brewery


Fuji Takasago Sake brewery is established since 1831 at the foot path of Mt. Fuji.

The brewery provides brewery tour and Sake tasting for free.



Tagonoura Minato park


Tagonoura Minato park is located at near the ocean that is a good destination for a day cycling.

Some climber starts Mt. Fuji climbing at the park.

You will find fresh “Shirasu”, Baby sardine, at Tagonoura port by the park.