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Pick up service

Hi there !

This is Kazu.

We will introduce a free pick up service to you.


How to use the pick up

Please note that we are NOT close to Fuji-san station, Mt. Fuji station and Kawaguchiko station.

1. Call us at Fuji station or Shin-Fuji station. The phone number is 0545 329 690 or WhatsApp +81 90-2573-1444. There is some payphone in both station.

Instruction for the payphone 

  1. Insert ¥10
  2. Type the phone number.

2. Please wait at ★ on these map. That would be great if you notice us what time you are arriving although we can not wait at the station before you arrive.


Shin-Fuji station

Shin-Fuji station


Fuji station


 We are excited to meet you here !!


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